study break!

i haven't posted in forever. school has been pretty crazy and now its finals week! oh joy. however, that means i am home for christmukkah and then off to colorado in no time. only 4 more days.

i love laporterouge's photos. she and her husband moved out to an adorable farmhouse in the beginning of fall, i think, and her documentation of life there is lovely.

another gorgeous set of photos- Anthropologie photographer David Eustace and his daughter's photo-journal across the U.S. called "in search of eustace."- they go to eustace, Texas! the website is also quite great.

songs i'm loving...
Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons (they're Britons!)
Fables, The Dodo's
Different Names for the Same Thing, Death Cab for Cutie
For Emma, Bon Iver
Say Please, Monsters of Folk

in other news, i am excited/nervous about a certain someone/something.
it's new.

hope you are enjoying the cold weather!

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