how adorable.

so, want to hear the cutest story ever? danni, from the amazing blog ohhellofriend, got engaged! her boy, nick, took her on a surprise trip to seattle and got these two photographers to sneakily follow them and take photos of them on their journey. then they "happened to be" at this gorgeous old property danni and nick were at. they showed danni all the adorable photos they had taken... along with this!

and then he proposed. :) how sweet. take a look at photographer laurel's website.

in other news, we started watching mad men! it's so beautiful. the opening titles alone have me smitten. it's the perfect blend of modern with the style & advertisements of the 1950s... and don draper is beautifulllll.

i can't stop listening to this song by adele. it's a cover of a bob dylan song, and she sings it beautifully.
&check out abbytryagain! her posts are great.

have a nice week.

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