a love letter list to traveling

one. the thrill of packing things up and going somewhere new
two. getting coffee and a pastry at airports
three. people watching at airports
four. reading magazines and books on airplanes
five. wandering
six. eating at new places
seven. getting coffee all the time
eight. travel journaling
nine. coats and scarves
ten. taking photographs.

i love being the only one awake in my house at night. i'm excited for an apartment/house of my own/with a roommate! wouldn't it be fun to be awake and play the piano at midnight? and make coffee and sit and read?

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lsandoe said...

I love love love traveling as much as you do.
I am leaving Pittsburgh currently to go home and it saddens me.
People watching at airports is the best. You can meet so many interesting people by sitting next to someone random on the plane.
Love it.

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