"i don't find inhalers comical."

whew. hell week part ii is over! my honors paper is turned in- i'm quite happy with how it turned out. it was a comparison paper on the history/influence of wine and coffee! this weekend at home was pretty much spent doing that, with a short break at jro's on halloween to watch poltergeist!

here's are two of the photos i took for my friend preston leatherman. he's a really talented pianist + guitarist + singer & coming out with a cd on december 18th!

visit his myspace here.

some links:
this book looks good.
lines&shapes little polaroid book has inspired me to make my own! (you know, someday)
i love creaturecomforts, and this post was great. i want an apartment/house!
have you been on sketch.odopod? so much fun!

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lsandoe said...

I love some of these links. Inspiration to pretty up my room.

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