Dear Austin,

I love you. 
Come back to me. 
Love, Margo. 

Please gobble up the new catalogue (and the entire clothing line, and housewares, and store) from Anthropologie. I kind of can't believe we missed them photographing it. I know exactly where all of those places can be found, and also, Jen and I are best friends with the lady from Amelia's. I feel really really really awesome, not going to lie. :)

Aren't Josh Goleman's photographs of this wedding gorgeous??

 I am definitely taking inspiration for my wedding from these photographs. And I can only dream about such a table- hundreds of photographs and old wonderful cameras! 

I saw UP today in 3D with Poppet. It was so, so wonderful and whimsical and beautiful. 

Oh, Disney-Pixar, you never cease to amaze me. If nothing else, go see it for the heartbreaking (in the best way) montage about 5 minutes into the film. Reminds me of the beautiful French animated short La Maison en Petitis Cubes

Have a great weekend!

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