baby i'm a fool.

Hello blogworld! Today was super productive. I went to work (way too early) and ate a cinnamon muffin, ran + swam at the ymca, and made food with dad! We made huevos rancheros with home fries for dinner and my Great Grandma Adele/Great Aunt Lily's oil cookies for dessert. :) 

I didn't take any photos of dinner because we were hungry, and also my camera was upstairs. It was really quite great, and I am officially in love with Check it out!! 

Here are the oil cookies! I attempted to make them a week ago but didn't twist them correctly. This time we have successfully modified the recipe, which I'll post next time. They're nice and light and buttery, with cinnamon sugar on top. 

And a few weeks ago I made the easiest bread EVER: Irish Soda bread. 30 second knead, doesn't need to rise... pretty much just mix the ingredients together and pop in the oven! It was absolutely wonderful fresh out of the oven with honey on top. 

Here's the recipe. I felt like writing it, so let me know if you can't read it for any reason. 

And this is the wheat seed bread I made with a really sweet cinnamon honey butter. :) 
To make the butter, just melt about 4 tbsp butter until soft, mix with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a bit of honey. Blend with a spoon, and refrigerate until use. 

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July! 


Anonymous said...

do you mind if i borrow recipes to take to the co-op in august?

Margo said...

go for it! :)
i can give you more bread recipes if you want, however this is the easiest and fastest!

jennifer said...

stop making your blog nice, it makes me feel inferior.

jennifer said...
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