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I guess the summer got off to sort of a rocky start, but June has been wonderfully great so far. :) 
Jen and I took a road trip to Kerrville, Texas, in the hill country. We went for the Kerrville Folk Festival, but mostly to reunite with our best friends. Kerrville is gorgeous, and the folk festival was so much fun. 

This is a photograph of the camp- there were tents and flags and recycling bins everywhere. 
That night we drove in the cold night air to Waltonia, to the cabins. 

We swam in this beautiful river, and I got a great sunburn. :) 

When we got home, I decided to make bread. My first venture in bread baking, and this was my first loaf! I used this New York Times recipe for no-knead bread. It came out pretty well, although it would have been better if I used bread flour and stored my bread in a paper sack. :) 

Fresh bread + Laughing Cow cheese. 

My next venture was more complicated- baguette. I bought a great bread book by Paul Gayler and started the sponge starter last night and finished this morning. 

pear + brie cheese + honey + baguette! 

In other news... 
&& The Away We Go movie looks great, and features beautiful music from Alexi Murdoch
&& check out Joe Pisapia! Summery folky music- River Song is the best. 
&& I'm pretty upset I missed Pushing Daisies tour, but check out the site for pie recipes!

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