"love is not a victory march."

An confusingly good.bad sort of weekend.

>> Watchmen was absolutely fabulous. Jen and I saw it twice. Once with Isbah and the second time with Collin & Gusty. It's only confusing if you don't pay attention. But it was a fabulous movie- the graphics and cinematography were great, the soundtrack was perfect, and casting was (almost) perfect as well. I had very few problems with it. Also, I think Dr. Manhattan is beauty. Make fun of me if you will.

>> My car got towed at 3 a.m. at the Blockbuster on Guadelupe on Friday. We tried (and by tried I mean inhaled only a few times) Hookah with Collin and Gusty, which was a fun experience. We were actually sitting in plain view of the parking lot, which is the ridiculous part. We got a ride to the lot (squeezing 6 people in a front seat meant for 3) and $192 later, Mark was back. A hilarious experience.

>> Today I got up and did my running/walking thing. I walk 3 and ran 2 and a half, in between the walking laps. Then, after stumbling upon Joshua Heineman's blog and amazing flickrr, felt the need to go walk along South Congress and take a few polaroids, which I did. I love the way blocks of color and paintings and stripes look in Polaroids. It was a nice adventure. I'll post them soon. 

>> After that, I ended up at Progress Coffee to work on my Social Justice paper. It's a great working environment, and I was sitting along the wall that opened to the outside, so I was sitting inside, and not in the sun, but I was outside at the same time! Today was gorgeous. However, it's been one of those days... like the French short film. I feel 91 centimeters from myself. 

>> Today I couldn't help but be absolutely flabbergasted and furious. Tell me: are girls who throw themselves on boys at parties any less girls than the ones a mutual friend would set you up with? Are the girls at parties any less people? You cannot justifiy that objectification simply because both of the people involved are whoring it up. 

Sorry, that was much more of a rant than an inspiration post. Ah well. 
Have a good Sunday. :)

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