I have been obsessing over apartments and design and it's all so delicious. Why can I not have a wonderfully colored house in Austin? Ah, well. I'll just save up all these links and ideas for later.  Here are some things that have been inspiring lately. :) 

1. I can't get over how much fun these handmade hemp lamps are... and I can't wait to make my own! From the wonderment of Craftynest

2. Kate Binghaman-Burt (of Obsessive Consumption fame) was feature on the interior's section of Design*Sponge. Isn't her home lovely? Design*Sponge might also be the easiest site to get lost in, and the most well organized. The city guides are great. 

3. There's just no getting over how absolutely amazing CursiveBuildings blog and polaroids are. I had a polaroid adventure within 5 minutes of discovering his blog. Eventually they will be posted on my flickr. But for now, here's one of my favorites of his. 

4. Inspiration Boards are always essential. Add that to the to-do list. 

5. Maria Kalman, painter/blogger for The New York Times. She is absolutely fantasmagorical. Her piece about Obama's Inauguration is wonderful. 

6. And a playlist! Do tell me what you think. 

Oh, the greatness of small towns. Yesterday and today we visited the glorious, aptly named, Lorena/Glorena, Texas. Photofest ensued. Tomorrow I'm back off to Austin for Passover. After that, it's quality alone time with homework, museums, &  coffeeshops. Have a great weekend :) 

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