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Today I stumbled upon {Sandra Juto}! Her photography and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and she introduced me to the term Fika! Fika, according to Wikipedia, is a "social institution in Sweden; it means having coffee and often a pastry with friends, family, or a date." GLORY! Can Pink Foam's name be changed to Fika? I think it's a possibility. No, seriously, I do. 

Anyway, I have completely fallen in love with her {photographs}. Naturally, I am drawn to her photographs of Fika and cafes, because the Swedes and the Brits have lovely latte art. Please visit {this photograph}. I can't get it to show up on blogger, but it's really great. 

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It is among my new aspirations to master latte art. Today I was thinking about dinner parties & soirees, and I imagined this lovely party with pretty lights and candles and music and colorful dresses and latte art and Jen's pies and cinnamon oil cookies and little french bread rolls and jam. Just as I started to think when this should commence, I realized the party was held at (the currently nonexistent) Pink Foam. :)

As much as I hate the Texas heat, it does make Sweet Leaf Tea all the better. I suppose that's why iced tea isn't such a huge deal anywhere but here...

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