the clink of the glass.

exceedingly grateful for ceiling fans in the heat of summer, 
i rest facedown on my bed, and i find i am falling back into love with books for the hundredth time. 

i remember the summers of books. 
the summers spent mostly at the library, where i could walk from my house, with its cool florescent lighting and welcoming children's section. i remember the summer reading club, with the bookmark checklist and library prizes. i remember venturing into the young adult bookstacks and signing the back of my first blue plastic library card. i remember staying up late reading, laying on the cool white tile in my bathroom, fearfully listening for mom's footsteps outside my door. 

and i remember the summers of friends. 
the summers of sleepovers and swimming pools, of paige's wonderful craft closet. i remember when we watched it takes two over and over. i remember swimming at night with the lights off and the radio on, and coming inside to warm strawberry milk. i remember sunburns and cricket chirping nighttime lit softball fields, and walking with bare feet. 

of carelessness and endlessness, these summers i remember. 

fresh mint, lemon & tea goodness. 
dinner of caprese salad and low fat fettucini with pine nuts. 

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