belated resolutions

+ use zero (/less) paper cups at restaurants and coffeeshops
+ take short (7 minute?) showers
+ attempt to buy things that use less plastic...

+ art projects with garrett
+ do more things i don't know how to do
+ make more things that look like anthropologie

+ remember that no one enjoys hearing me complain
+ more quality time with people
+ volunteer in austin/be civically engaged
+ learn new things. lecture series from friends. teach me something you know.

+ remember to think about food
+ make more food
+ go to st. ed's group fitness classes
+ figure out some sort of run to make possible the Running 1 Mile goal

1 comment:

Jen said...

Mostly I just felt like New Year's resolutions couldn't have zero hopes. So this is my hope that you will pursue all you've outlined to do in the coming year. <3

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