after long last, my internship is finished.
not going to lie, i'm looking forward to some downtime at home for family and friends (really, just you jro) and then moving to austin. i do want to wrap up a bit.

so, things i learned:
1. no one actually starts to work at 9. gather around the coffeepot to catch up with people before locking yourself in your room/office.
2. make friends to learn the unspoken rules.
3. for whatever reason, your boss will always give you shotgun when you're riding in the car.
4. make an effort to tag along with anyone leaving the office.
5. offer assistance and opinions.
6. i do not want to work a 9-5.30 job.
7. i do want to work at a non-profit.
8. when waiting outside someone's door, it's okay to leave and come back, instead of just standing around awkwardly waiting. or, send an email. perfectly acceptable.

some photos from my last day.

houston from the roof of the alley theatre.

a morning adventure on washington avenue.

catalina coffee.



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Give Us Our Daily Beard said...

1. catalina coffee is clearly calling my name

2. as are you

3. i am glad you are now unemployed

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