i am blogging on my lunch break, haha. it's raining outside today, so i'm staying in.

summer is about halfway done and i have mixed feelings about this. on one hand, i can't wait to get back to austin and decorate our lovely apartment and see friends and garrett. on the other, i haven't started (not to mention finished) any of the summer projects i wanted to do. i get home tired and listless and don't want to do anything productive. and i haven't been excersizing for the same reason. consequently, i am not remotely inspired or feeling healthy or enjoying the weeks very much. i'm just counting down until the weekend/august. i don't like that.

however, i would like to (as usual) focus on the sunny side.
1. this past weekend was pretty perfect.
2. hamilton pool is heaven.
3. i brought my camera to work today to take pictures walking back & forth from the bus
4. i'm going to make at least one illustration a day with different prompts. suggestions?
5. my friends are visiting for lunch this week.
6. there are actually really pretty & old parts of downtown houston.
7. i finished when harry met sally last night. so great and hilarious. sadly, norah ephron likes mostly the same plots for her movies, but i like it. so that's okay by me.
8. mad men season 3!
9. everyone at work is quite nice and likes what i'm doing so far.
10. i want to make this lemon tart and these adorable cloud cookies

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