pale and mild, a modern girl.

Just a few quick thoughts.

+ i can no longer be on fb out of solidarity! therefore, i shall muse and post witticisms here. :)

+ want to be amused? click.

+ this summer (/starting asap) i need to give myself a design education. realizing that school is not enough isn't going to make me a better designer. but doing outside reading and pushing myself to work in my sketchbook daily will. suthara, a visiting designer and one of tuan's classmates/lovers came to speak today. she showed her students work, which was absolutely incredible. she taught a class based around paul thek's four dimensional design questions- see below. they answered all of these throughout 15 projects a week for 12 weeks, working through the history of graphic design. so intense.

+ "our bodies are therefore built from the fossilized debris of once-bright stars that annihilated themselves aeons before the earth or sun existed."

+ "these elements are the ashes of the nuclear fires that sustain the stars." both quotes are from paul davies' superforce. i'm reading it for science. generally not enjoyable, but these words and concepts are amazing.

+ this is a beautifully designed information graphic.

+ san francisco cable car picture! california was quite pretty overall. getting sick was rather detrimental, as was my family's fighting, but i'd like to go back.

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