toothpaste kisses

hi friends! i have not blogged in quite a while because school has begun! things are busy everyday, but the weeks go by so quickly.

this week designer jimmy luu came to give a talk and he also has an exhibition in the gallery: "the office of printed ephemera". i love his work. the exhibit at st. ed's is his most recent letterpress work. he did prints of tweets, facebook statuses, craigslist ads, wanted ads, etc. and archived the impermanent digital world. anyway, he's great!

and now it's time to look at pretty things.

such as this really wonderful bag from urban outfitters.

and who can say that cape is not gorgeous?! i've never really been a fan, but that is a work of art.
and i love the yellow and black oxford heels. :)
both of these images are from real simple online.

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