and if the answer is no, will you change your mind?

Definitely the best discovery I have made in a while. The next two photographs are by British photographer Tim Walker. I want to live inside his photographs so that I may live in libraries and beautiful houses and wear dresses on trees. 

I really love the lighting in these pictures of vintage slips from Capricious Traveler

Did you know Urban Outfitters has a DIY section on their website? Printmaking tools, sewing supplies, cameras, looms, DIY jewelry kits, and crafty books! One more reason to love UO- the sale of (now extinct) polaroid film, both 779 peel apart and 600, as well as 600 camera & polaroid packs! Poppytalk has all the info

And now, I am away to the YMCA. I'm so happy with all the progress I've made this summer, even though every time I go to Mat Science/Pilates I wish to never move again. Haha. :)

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Caroline Hancox said...

Tim Walkers photos are amazing aren't they? i love the tents in the library the most

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