bonjour été.

So here it is. Summer. The much anticipated season away from schoolwork and classes. And Austin. Austin, the source of mon âme, esprit, créativité. I'm sorry for being pretentious and translating words into French. I have a deep désir
to travel. 

Simply Photo Blogger Jen's photos of Paris are beautiful and keeping my wanderlust satisfied. 

Okay, so I also really miss the European coffee + flaky bread + cheese + dessert sort of snack. It's just not quite the same here.

On the bright side, I have straigtened up my room! I think it looks pretty great, especially with JRO's lovely birthday presents! 

Cleanliness! Glory! I really miss Austin, however. It's nice to be back in my house, but I've gotten way too used to not living with my parents. I'm being yelled at to turn off the TV, to clean, to go to sleep at midnight. And I can't really just pop out to a Magnolia or an Epoch or any of the other wonderful late night coffeeshops. It's mildly depressing. 

In the meantime, 
& the yellow owl workshop has such pretty things. 
& all about the ampersand! 
& stuff stick figure people like is fun. 

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Anonymous said...

what i enjoy about being home is my spacious bed. otherwise, i agree with you completely on the subject of being in austin.

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