white mocha stars and black butterflies.

I haven't been here in a while... Anyways, Valentine's Day was s'wonderful. 
Jen and I braved the mass amount of people that flocked to Whole Foods and made cupcakes for each other, and got sweets for the Dujarie party. 
Then we got all dolled up and went out with Gusty to eat, followed by coffee at 
Green Muse and ice cream and confessions of love and friendship and Casablanca.

We are exhausting Robby Marc, III, my typewriter. Jen and I both used him for our Valentine's, and they were the loveliest Valentines in Valentine History. 
St. Valentine told us so. 

On a quest for inspiration yesterday I came across a billion and seven wonderful blogs and websites. 

50 amazing gig posters from Andrew Lindstrom at wellmedicated.
Craig Ward's flowery font, lovechild. His photographs & design work are great. 

M/A/S/H is an Aussie design firm with amazing illustrations, photographs, packaging... etc. 

Kinetic typography is beautiful. This 14 second haiku is super cute.

have a loverly day. 
love, me!

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