Robin's Wedding Shower

I just got back from San Antonio for my cousin Robin's bridal shower. It was quite fun. Amy (my cousin and the Maid of Honor) hosted, along with my Aunt Ilene's Mah-jong friends. The Mah-jong ladies are adorable, and the shower went really well. I made the table decorations (mirror and confetti are the Martha Stewart Wedding line for Wal Mart) and little note tags as a guestbook. Amy got the cupcakes from The Cake Shop in San Antonio. Aren't they cute? 

It felt so comforting to be back at Aunt Ilene's house. I feel like so much of my childhood has been steadied by the Goldman’s and their homes. It’s so great that the play room hasn’t changed at all in fifteen years. Old Spurs pictures and posters of 90210 t.v. stars and Kate and Leo in Titanic still grace the walls. I remember sitting in those circle bucket chairs and watching Babysitter's Club until we fell asleep and promptly fell off the chairs. The house still smells faintly of cat food, even though Rocket died years ago. Robin and Amy’s rooms still have their stuff inside, and the pictures on the walls haven’t changed. Just the people in them. 

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